Starting Line Day Care in Havertown PA is open Monday through Friday from 6:30am to 6:00pm. We serve children ages 6 weeks through pre-school. Both full and part-time quality care is available for affordable prices!

We realize that there are many childcare options available, and this is one of the most important decisions you will make for your child and your family.  We are grateful for the opportunity to care for and love your most precious gifts; therefore, our top priority is ensuring that you go to work feeling comfortable and confident that your children are within a safe and happy atmosphere throughout the day. Starting Line has many practices put in place to provide a safe, healthy and educational environment:

  • Doors are secured and supported by a card reader and intercom system
  • Open door policy for parents and guardians
  • Teachers are CPR and First Aid certified
  • Hand washing is a part of our daily routine
  • Large outdoor play area for large muscle activity
  • Well-maintained equipment to ensure safety
  • Emergency exit doors located throughout the center in case of an emergency
  • Center cleaned carefully daily; cleaned by a professional service weekly
  • Small class sizes allow for individualized attention from the teacher
  • Staff is dedicated to providing and guiding children through developmentally appropriate activities that meet the needs of all of our children

Around the Center

Infant Room:

Our infant room has been designed to be efficient, clean, safe and nurturing. Toys are cleaned daily, and changing table is sterilized after each use. Additionally, street shoes are not permitted in the infant room. Each child has their own personal cubby, and sleep area. Play is based on exploration, sensory materials, and stimulation. Music is played throughout the day. A small class size allows teachers to nurture the children and devote one-on-one attention to them. Infants will be cuddled with and rocked in the glider, read to, and will feel loved. A daily log is maintained to highlight the day’s events and distributed to parents upon pick up. Parents are encouraged to call to see how their child’s day is going.


Young toddlers are curious learners, and becoming more independent every day. Through developmentally appropriate toys, books, and music, this independence is promoted in both of our toddler classrooms as they investigate their world.

Since toddlers learn so much through play, we strive to give them time and space to explore in a safe way. Both toddler classrooms and the playground contain equipment and toys that keep their curious minds safe, stimulated, and satisfied.

Potty training begins in the older toddler classroom. When a child is ready, the teachers will team with the parents to design a potty training plan that is consistent, rewarding, purposeful, and successful.

Parents can be assured that their toddler will feel loved while at school. The teachers sincerely love and comfort the children, and teach them appropriate behavior. Soothing music and backrubs before naptime help the children relax and feel comfortable.


Pre-school children are continuing to grow more and more independent each day. The classroom is packed with challenging toys that will stimulate the growth they need as they prepare for kindergarten. They use blocks and manipulatives to learn counting and other math skills. Be on the lookout for “Eagles math” during football season and watch your pre-school child learn how to compare numbers, interpret, and read a bar graph! Early literacy skills are taught such as rhyming words, letter recognition, and the left to right motion of reading. A comfortable, quiet area of the classroom is set up for the children to have quiet time while flipping through their favorite books.

Art projects are done to promote creativity, and displayed to help the children feel proud of their creations. Musical instruments are available for the children to form marching bands and drum along with the beat playing over the CD player.

Through modeling, role-playing, books, and examples, children are taught to care about themselves and each other.

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